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MyJio App Download- Recharge & Pay Bills


Myjio App Download

Myjio App is the official app of Jio ,Download Myjio app for android and IOS and manage multiple jio account in one place. If you are looking for Myjio app download you are in the right place, From here you can download new version of Myjio app Apk and old version of Myjio App Apk. You can also install Myjio App on PC or computer. Here we are providing direct download link of latest version  and old  Myjio app  for android and IOS users. Before going to the Myjio downloading section let’s know about Myjio and it’s uses.

What is Myjio App

Myjio is the official app of JIO where from you can manage your Jio account efficiently without any hassle. Myjio app officially released after Jio launch especially for Jio users. By using Myjio app you can manage your own jio number account as well as others jio number account if you want. You can check your current plans with Myjio app which is very usefull. Now, download myjio app from bellow section.

Myjio App Download

Download Latest version Myjio app for android and IOS operating system. You also can download Myjio Old version from here but it’s recommended to use latest version of Myjio app.

Myjio App Download

Myjio App download


Download link: click Here

Myjio App apk version: 5.0.13

Supported Android version : 4.3 to latest android OS

Ratings and Reviews: 4.1/5 with more than 1 million reviews

Last Updated on : 31 January 2019

Apk file size : 39 MB

PlayStore link : Click here



Myjio App apk  version-5.0.13  Link 1(activated)
Myjio App apk version-5.x.xx

Myjio App Features:

Here is the details features of myjio app.

  • Myjio Account Details
  • Myjio Pay
  • MyjioDigital Assistant
  • Myjio Settings
  • Myjio JioCare

1.Myjio Account details

This is most important features of Myjio app . You can track real time data which means you can check your live data usages and any others services that you are currently using with your jio no. It will show you the plan validity and plan details, when you need to next recharge of your jio number.

  • You can check real time account balance or due payment for your jio number
  • You can check details of usages pattern for Cells,DATA,SMS and WIFI
  • Get Detailed account statement
  • You can manage  Multiple account at one place inside Myjio App

2. Myjio -Jio Pay

You can easily recharge your jio number or any other’s jio number by manually or automatically. If you enable Jio autopay then Myjio App can automatically recharge your jio number after it’s expired date instantly.

  • You can recharge jio number using any wallets inside Myjio App.
  • You can setup Autopay for automatic renewal of your jio plans.
  • you can save your cards for future use.

3. Myjio Digital Assistant

  • JioInteract: Talk to celebrities on JioInteract, the world’s first AI based engagement platform.
  • HelloJio: Use “Hello Jio”, the voice assistant feature within the app to answer your queries.

4.Myjio settings

Without any hassle you can use Myjio app for various settings. like you can control your DND services whether you want to enable or disable it by single click inside Myjio app. Also you have the option to choose what types of promotional services you want to receive with your jio number.

  • Profile Settings: Customize your personal profile and Jio account
  •  Do Not Disturb [DND] preferences: Enable DND to filter categories for which you wish to receive promotional messages
  • Manage Devices: Manage your JioFi and JioFiber devices with ease
  • International Roaming: Manage your International Roaming settings

5. Myjio JIo Care

You can use Myjio for FAQs (frequent asked question and answered), There are bunch of solution available inside Myjio app.

  • FAQ’s and How to Videos: Find answers to your queries with comprehensive FAQs and How to Videos. Go through helpful tips
  • you can connect with our Jio Care experts.
  • Troubleshoot device issues or raise a service request

Myjio App for Non Jio users

If tou are not user of Jio and you want to use Jio or you want to new jio connection then you can use Myjio app for new jio connection. You can directly apply from Myjio app for new jio connection and you will receive jio sim few days after submitting  your application using Myjio App.

  •  Explore Jio apps easily from one place
  • Get your Jio SIM delivered at your doorstep
  • Know the status of your Jio SIM activation
  • Quick Recharge/Payment – Make quick recharge or pay bills for any Jio number

Jio4gvoice Apk Download(Updated)

jio4gvoice apk download

JIo4gvoice apk latest and older version can be download from here. From here you can download Jio4Gvoice apk latest as well as older version from and  you will find jio 4g voice apk which are frequently being updated by us! So, don’t worry whenever you wan to download jio4gvoice app you can visit this website and freely download whatever version you want. here is the complete details of this Jio4gvoice apk. All things that you searching for can be found here at https://jio4gvoiceapk.com

What is Jio4gvoice

Jio4gvoice(earlier jio join) is an android and iOS supported app developed by Reliance Industries Ltd for exclusively JIO sim user. After few month of JIO launch in India Jio4gvoice also launched after few month for the Jio customer. This Jio4gvoice app apk being launched because of wide no. of 2G and 3G user base india. The main features of this App is the ability to let  use 4G service without changing user existing 2g/3g Smartphone. So, basically this is for non-Volte smartphone or for those smartphone that doesn’t support VOLTE(voice over LTE) features.You can use full benefit or full 4G experience on your 2G or 3G smartphoen or JIOFI device by using this jio4gvoice app wiith a Jio sim. Jio4gvoice app support HD voice calls,HD video call with jio users and all other essential features similar to a latest 4G Smartphone does.

What Jio4GVoice does?

• Jio4GVoice brings TRUE 4G/ VoLTE high-definition(HD) voice and video calling on your existing 2G, 3G, 4G smartphone. You can use Jio4GVoice with a Jio SIM either in the phone or in a JioFi connected to your phone. This Jio4gvoice app will turn your  device from ‘smart’ to ‘super’ !! You  just need  a Jio SIM… Jio4GVoice will do the rest! • Enjoy Rich Communication or High quality communication  with any Jio4GVoice user on any smartphone, including VoLTE phones.

Download Jio4gvoice Apk 5.1.1(updated) for Android OS

From here you can download Jio4Gvoice apk. For  Jio4Gvoice app download follow the link bellow.


  jio4gvoice apk download     Download link: click here

Jio4Gvoice App apk version: 5.1.1

Supported Android version : 4.3 to latest android OS

Ratings and Reviews: 4.1/5 with more than 1 million reviews

Last Updated on : july 28, 2019

Apk file size : 39 MB

PlayStore link : Click here

Old version

Jio4gvoice apk  version-5.1.1  Link 1(activated)  Link 2  Link 3
Jio4gvoice apk  version-  Link 1  Link 2  Link 3
Jio4gvoice apk  version-  Link 1  Link 2  Link 3

App Permissions

Jio4GVoice 5.1.1 apk requires following permissions on your android device.
  • record audio.
  • read from external storage.
  • write to external storage.
  • read only access to phone state.
  • access to the vibrator.
  • use fingerprint hardware.
  • open network sockets.
  • access information about networks.
  • access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • change network connectivity state.
  • send SMS messages.
  • read SMS messages.
  • receive SMS messages.
  • monitor incoming MMS messages.
  • read the user’s contacts data.
  • write the user’s contacts data.
  • list of accounts in the Accounts Service.
  • read the sync settings.
  • write the sync settings.
  • prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • disable the keyguard if it is not secure.
  • access the camera device.
  • initiate a phone call without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call.
  • modify global audio settings.
  • access approximate location.
  • access precise location.
  • see outgoing call numbers/ redirect the call to a different number/ abort the call altogether.
  • install a shortcut in Launcher.
  • uninstall a shortcut in Launcher.
  • read or write the system settings.
  • write (but not read) the user’s contacts data.
  • read the user’s call log.
  • connect to paired bluetooth devices.
  • broadcast sticky intents.
  • expand or collapse the status bar.
  • change Wi-Fi connectivity state.

Full detailed features of Jio4Gvoice

Here is the complete details of the Jio4Gvoice app.


  • Rich or High definition(HD) voice calling
  • HD video calling
  • Wide range of Sticker can be use chat
  • File sharing
  • Group Chat
  • In call Location sharing
  • In call Sketch
  • Sketching in chat
  • Passcode Privacy
  • Ability to Block

Rich Calling

  Jio4Gvoice apk dwonload Jio4Gvoice app suport “Rich calling” . This special feature only available with jio4gvoice app. Ever imagine that during a phone call you can not just only talk but also can more others essential stuff like customized image,location and in case of emergency situation there has a option to let know the receiver that this is an Urgent call. This is just one of the best features available with jio4gvoice. Let’s see the second features of this application.

High definition(HD) Voice and Video calling

Jio4Gvoice apk dwonload Yes! you can now experience High definition(HD) voice and video calling with your 2G/3G(by jiofi) or Non-VOLTE Smartphone with this jio4gvoice application and there is absolutely no difference between a VOLTE enabled phone and By This one. This iss the one of the impottant features because all other features can be compromise , but this is the main features of this Jio4Gvoice app because by this features let user connect with there neighbour and friends either by voice calling or with video calling. Jio4gvoice app voice calling also support conference calling upto 6 users and in video calling too you can do video conference.Most importantly you can call any non Jio user with this application.

Sticker in Chat

Jio4Gvoice apk dwonloadYou can now use wide variety of stickers in chat or in SMS. There’s a lot sticker including latest are available in Jio4gvoice app and that can be use during conversation with either jio or non jio users. So, with just one application you are getting a ton’s of features and you don;t have to install any others app for this particular features.

 File Sharing

Jio4Gvoice apk dwonload This is another features can used during conversation with friends or any other users. This file features let’s you gives benefit of sharing any types of files including, photos,videos,contact etc. Here is the full list of files item that can be share with the help of Jio4gvoice.

  • Photos(instantly)
  • Recorded Videos(instantly)
  •  Share images
  • Share video
  • Share files(any types)
  • YouTube videos(with thumbnail)
  • Contact
  • Audio
  • Sketching

Groups Chat

Jio4Gvoice apk dwonload Like facebook Messenger and Whatsapp this application also has the same features by which you can create multiple groups with friends.So, sharing images and photos will be more fun with this features.

In Call Location sharing

Jio4Gvoice apk dwonload This features is only available in jio4gvoice app! yes, during a phone you can share location also you can talked to him/her at the same time or in real time!! this features very much  helpful for any users ! This jio4gvoice can be install on any android or iOS system.

In call Sketch

Jio4Gvoice apk dwonload In call Sketching with jio4gvoice made so much fun between any conversation with your loved ones! And all this because of this application ! Passcode Privacy Jio4Gvoice apk dwonload With no other additional app you can secure your conversation informatio with inbuilt Passcode lock features. one important features of Jio4gvoice is ability to block spam SMS and phone calls and even any contact , so you don’t have to panic for this type of things! easy you have jio4gvoice app and you control what you want !

How to install Jio4Gvoice App

After download Jio4Gvoice app ,double tapp on that jio4gvoice downloaded file then allow all the permession that are being asked wait for few second it will automatically initiate , then you can use all of the above features without any issues ! So, Download latest version of jio4Gvoice apk.